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4 Church Website Stats You Need To See

Church website Stats Post Image | Websites By HNH Marketing

How important is a church website? Our modern world needs Jesus more than ever before! People have a hunger for something more but even if they do visit ‘a church’ they likely aren’t walking into full truth. That’s why it is vital that we spread the true Apostolic message to this confused generation. To do…

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Why you need a church website

Sermon Streaming For Church Website | Church Websites By HNH Marketing

Your church website is the first place most guests will visit you. It is a chance to connect with them and give them directions, show them what is going on and when to show up. If you don’t have a church website, or it isn’t effective, you are missing a great opportunity to reach people…

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A Church Set On A Hill

Church Website Blog Image | HNH Marketing

Let your light shine… Your church is a light in a dark world. But is it positioned properly? In order to reach our modern world, it is important to be where your audience is looking for you. That means you need to be online.

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